Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday's Forgotten Favourites - The Boomtown Rats

The rats are often overlooked when people talk about Ireland's best bands. To me they are right up there with Rory Gallagher, U2 and Thin Lizzy in terms of quality singles and albums. I suppose the epic work of Bob Geldolf with Live Aid pushed The Boomtown Rats music in to the background. Their 1980 song 'Banana Republic' with the great line "septic isle screaming in a suffering sea" could easily be written in the present tense!

I read recently that the Irish people's individual contributions to forign aid and charity is on average up to five times higher than the UK! We are a charitable nation and the efforts been made by so many people to organise and plan events to raise money for Haiti is proof that we are a nation of leaders.

Is there a link between our generosity towards charity and the leadership qualities of Bob Geldolf in 1984. I'd like to think there is! For everyone who is doing something to help the Haitian people please keep it going!

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