Friday, 22 August 2014

Exclusive Video - Miriam Donohue Live in the Phoenix Park

2UIBestow are delighted to present a series of special 'Live Performances' of some of Ireland's finest songwriters live in the historic Phoenix Park. 

Today's tune is from the wonderfully talented singer-songwriter Miriam Donohue. Performing a brand new song 'Old Before Your Time', Miriam again is showcasing her incredible songwriting talent on a park bench in the Phoenix Park in Dublin. 2UIBestow feel privileged to present for you Miriam Donohue Live in the Phoenix Park; 

Thanks to AK Photography for producing this series of Exclusive Videos for 2 U I Bestow

Video Credits: Recorded live on a windy day @ The Phoenix park, Dublin 16/08/2014. 
Edited by Stephen Lovatt & Anto Kane.
Filmed by Andy Delamere & Anto Kane.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Throwback Thursday - Jeff Buckley's Lover, You Should've Come Over

Can't believe it's been 20 years since Grace was released. Donal Dineen and No Disko introduced me to Jeff's music and I bought 'Grace' on tape as soon as I could from Virgin Megastore on the Quays in Dublin. It's still my favourite album with my favourite tune being 'Lover, You Should've Come Over'.

Check out the original taken from Grace 1994:

There are hundred's of versions of this track online. A few were released such as this version from Natalie Maines which appeared on her 2013 album 'Mother':

Australian artist Matt Corby used to have 'Lover ...' in his set-list but probably dropped it to banish those Jeff Buckley comparisons. Still he did a great job of it ......

Oh .......... and then there was Jamie Cullum!

Go on now and take out your copy of Grace and give it a spin or better still .... hear Grace from start to finish live in Whelans on Saturday night:

Electric Picnic Picks - Peter Picks

With the gates to the biggest event on Ireland's festival calendar opening in just a week we decided that each of the 3 of us here are 2 U I Bestow would give you our top 5 must see bands at this years Electric Picnic. So here we are with Peter's must see acts this year in Stradbally.

Must See Overall -  Slowdive

The overall headliners do little for me so I'm picking Nostalgic Fuzzy Logic with Slowdive being my must see act over the weekend.

Must See Newcomer - Benjamin Booker Being 22 and from New Orleans, you may not have had the pleasure of checking out Benjamin Booker's music brand of bluesy rock n roll. Be sure to get yourself out of the tent early over the weekend to catch one of the hottest acts on the line-up:


Must See Irish Band - Ham Sandwich

 Ham Sandwich never disappoint live and they'll up their game for the Picnic.

 Must See on the Salty Dog - Pete Pamf Sextet

You have to be there to hear tunes like this live, you just have to be there ....

Must See 4 The Craic - The Trampz [Trailer Park, Friday Night]

The smaller stages are full of band who are great fun to see live. Reverend JM's Panic Worship, The Viking Project, Duke Special, The Bionic Rats, Camille O'Sullivan but for my money the best fun will be dancing to the funky grooves of Dundalk's finest band ever; The Trampz

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jack of Diamonds In Photos & Review

AK Photography was in town on Friday night to capture these fine photos of The Jack of Diamonds festival:

Created with flickr slideshow.

Jack of Diamonds Review: Friday & Saturday


The vibe around Dame Street for The Jack of Diamonds is for me one of the finest compliments I can bestow on the Jack of Diamonds crew. Minnie & the Illywackers  on the outside stage at the back of The Mercantile had young and old swooning and dancing to their rag time tunes. What a great way to kick off The Jack of Diamonds:

Conor Linnie in The Button Factory performed a solid set of tunes mostly taken from his fine debut album 'Astry' released last year. Conor is an accomplished frontman, vocalist and songwriter with a long career ahead of him. 

Over to Abner Brown's basement in Sweeney's was the wonderful Sarah Red. Sarah is such a great performer, vocalist and songwriter who will I've no doubt release a spectacular debut album in the future. Until then you need to find her at festivals like The Jack of Diamonds or Knockanstockan as well as checking out her tunes on Soundcloud:

Back to the Button Factory now for Gavin Glass who is performed like the true professional he is. There's style, grace, energy and charm in abundance on stage with Gavin's folk-rock sound. I was massively impressed and began thinking along the lines of ...... "How is Gavin Glass not more well known in Ireland".

With the last bus calling I got to hear a few tunes from the impressive folksters The Annulments in Sweeney's basement and a bit of Tod Doyle's set upstairs in Sweeney's. 

The Annulments didn't disappoint nor did they completely impress either. It's hard to make a judgement on a few tunes heard but the quiet folk sounds of The Annulments sound didn't match the folk-rock attitude of the festival. That being said, I'm really looking forward to hearing released music from The Annulments. The songs I heard have depth, meaning  and superb musicianship throughout. 

Tod Doyle's vocals were a definite 'Wow' of the weekend to the extent that I was annoyed at only catching the last few minutes of his set. Check out Tod's sounds on Soundcloud:


Staying in the comfy environs of The Button Factory I got to see White Trash and the Spearheaded Sparrahawks, Tupelo and a part of Rackhouse Pilfer's set.

I wrote yesterday about how impressed I was with Tupelo this weekend. Before Tupelo was White Trash and the Spearheaded Sparrahawks who showed glimpses of real talent in an overall noisy mess of americana, folk-rock. In a case of more style than substance, the band have a confusing sound where the impact and energy of the eight musicians took precedence over melody and vocals. 

Following from Tupelo was Sligo's wonderful folk band 'Rackhouse Pilfer' who proved their quality once again on The Button Factory stage. 

Sadly that was all I got to see at this year's Jack of Diamonds. Already looking forward to next year's festival!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Exclusive Video - Ray Scully Live in the Phoenix Park

2UIBestow are delighted to present a series of special 'Live Performances' of some of Ireland's finest songwriters live in the historic Phoenix Park.

First up on the bandstand is Ray Scully from Tallaght in Dublin. Ray has outstanding vocals and a number of enthralling, deep and personal tunes ready for release on his upcoming debut album. Take a look and listen to this awesome talent performing the track 'Little Rooster'.

Recorded live on a windy day @ The Phoenix park, Dublin 16/08/2014. 
Edited by Stephen Lovatt & Anto Kane.
Filmed by Andy Delamere & Anto Kane.

Folk 2une of the Week: Tupelo - Patagonia

Finally at this weekend's Jack of Diamonds I got to see Irish folk four piece 'Tupelo' for the first time and I was suitably impressed. Everything from stage presence, crowd interaction, musicianship as well as a set-list of great tunes makes 'Tupelo' one of Ireland's best live acts.

So if you don't believe me, maybe you should check out this video for their song 'Pathegonia' including footage of their January tour of Denmark. In fact all of Scandinavia can't get enough of Tupelo ....