Wednesday, 23 July 2014

2Day's Tune HUCK FINN - "Before You Begin"

Today's ear candy comes courtesy of Switzerland's HUCK FINN. Before You Begin is an epic slow burner that sounds like Mark Knoplfer and Roger Waters met up with Ennio Morricone for a jam. Dark, brooding and powerful. Marvellously crafted and quite simply stunning. More please!!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

2Day's Tune Fable - "I Speak Words"

I Speak Words is an electro-pop rock track from 19yr old Fable. An eerie, yet exciting song that sounds like a fusion of Muse and Lorde. Powerful dynamics and soulful vocal performance. I must admit, that I was not overly excited about it the first time I heard it, but now can't stop listening to it! I expect I will be hearing an awful lot more of this track and an awful lot more from this talented Brighton native in the not too distant future. Marvellous stuff!

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Brian Lalor - "Hand Full of Seeds" E.P. Review

Hand Full of Seeds is the new E.P. from Cork based singer-songwriter Brian Lalor. It is a pleasant collection of five pleasant folk ballads. Nice simple, honest songwriting.

The E.P takes a few songs to find its full flow, but when it does it is very impressive. Similar to my criticisms of James O'Connor's recent album "Behind The Scenes", I cannot fault the songwriting as such, but from time to time the songs are let down by the delivery. In the first track, See What You Can Find, Brian's voice sounds a little uncertain, even nervous. By the time track 3, A Country Job comes on, Brian seems to have found the confidence and conviction in what he is saying that was so lacking at the beginning. The backing in Try Your Best is a little disappointing. The song is great, but everything playing behind Brian seems a little low in volume and detracts from the impact of what really is quite a powerful song.

Occasionally the songs suffer slightly for the sake of the which I mean, sometimes it feels a little like Brian is trying to ram a few too many syllables into a short space. This is really only a small complaint, because the stories are pretty well told and do tend to draw you in. In particular the albums final track, The Way The Wind Blows. A heart wrenching lament about life not always turning out as planned. Perfectly performed, beautifully written and the simple string backing is powerful and effective.  I would go as far as to say, it is one of my favourite songs that I have come by since I took over writing this blog back in March. Listening to it sounds like one of those moments at a Bruce Springsteen concert where the boss stands alone on the stage, belting out one of his powerhouse ballads of hard times gone by on an acoustic guitar. Brian's voice sounds vulnerable and genuinely moved by the story. Perhaps this is why I didn't feel as connected to the other songs as I did with this one. It feels that by the end that Brian is really performing the songs rather than just singing them.

All in all it is a good E.P, well worth taking a listen to. Similar to my feelings about James O'Connor's offering, the songs are great, and with a few little changes to the production of the tracks it could be something great. Fair play sir, keep 'em coming!


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Monday, 21 July 2014

2Day's Tune Kiernan McMullan - "Can't Sit Still"

To celebrate the recent release of his most recent album. Here is blog favourite Kiernan McMullan with Can't Sit Still, taken from his newest record Common Sense. This is one album that I can't wait to dig my claws into.

Common Sense is available now from iTunes and also on Spotify.
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Barry Finnimore - "She Shook Me" E.P Review

The current E.P. from Barry Finnimore is an odd one to say the very least. I'm not going to tell a lie, juat for the earlier moments, I hated it. The first two tracks, Fallen and Can't Listen To You seemed sloppy and lazy. I was giving serious consideration to not listening any further.

That said, I'm rather glad I did. The E.P. seems to find its feet by the third track Hey You Two Holding Hands. What had passed as laziness in the preceding two tracks, appears now as more of a cool nonchalance or conscious apathy. By the time the record reaches its clear high point, the title track, She Shook Me, I had gone from being less than fond of what I was hearing to wondering if I was, somehow,  after coming across some rather tasty, lost, Nick Cave or Lou Reed demo recording. Perhaps what I had been mistaking as empathetic, near atonal singing was actually speaking in a cool fashion with a hint of melody...there is a fine line! This style did not 100% suit the earlier part of the record (but the revelation certainly made me re-listen to the first two numbers in a new light), but by the end it fit really well and the last 3 tracks of the 5 were actually quite good...the title track in particular.

She shook Me is not the best Irish E.P. you will hear this year. It has no choruses that you will find yourself humming along to or catchy hooks that will find stuck in your head for days on end (except for perhaps the piano part in Sweet Caffeine), but what it lacks in musical proficiency, it makes up for in raw, quirky charm and endearing, thought provoking lyrics. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about the record as a whole, but I have to admit, I'm enjoying listening to it immensely while I write this now.  Damn fine effort!


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Now, for your pleasure here is Barry and his cohort Hazel O'Toole with a previous release When The Sky Turns Black

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Empire Circus, This Other Kingdom & Shane O'Reilly @ The Wicked Chicken (In photos)

A Flickr slideshow from last nights LEKMK Empire Circus gig in the Wicked Chicken. Support on the night from This Other Kingdom & Shane O'Reilly.

 Here's a few tunes from Empire circus to listen to while looking at the photos.

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